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We love dachshunds. We didn’t plan to, but we do. Sarabeth blames me for it, I blame my husband Evan. But, it can’t be denied that we are pretty big fans.

We have always been dog people, or pet people really. We grew up with pets. I had cats and Sarabeth and our brother shared cocker spaniels. I firmly believe that every house needs at least one pet, and I have always known that if Evan ever dies I will start collecting various breeds of dogs.

When we got married, Evan was under the impression that he was allergic to long-haired dogs. (I think this was more due to a lack of exposure than a real allergy). And so, my dreams of Golden Retrievers went out the window and I had to start thinking about other options. Living in apartments doesn’t give you a ton of options for big dogs, so small and short-haired was the order. Evan always liked dachshunds, and so a year into marriage, the hunt was on. That’s when we stumbled upon Roxy. The little runt of her litter that wasn’t supposed to be more than 8 lbs but is now a perfect size at 16.

Dachshunds | Flats To Lofts

Roxy has a great personality with plenty of German strong will in her. She smiles  just to prove that dogs do in fact smile and have emotions, and she looks after the puppies.

Dachshunds | Flats To Lofts

We got Sydney 2 years later because we were busy with school and work and felt Roxy needed another dog to play with and keep her company during long days alone. Sydney is truly big-boned and absolutely obsessed with her ball. Whenever we get it out for her to play with we inevitably have to take it away because she won’t stop playing until you do. She has even fallen asleep with it firmly in her mouth. In spite of her obsessive intensity, she is incredibly sweet and has never ceased to look like a puppy.

Dachshunds | Flats To Lofts

So you see, Sarabeth really didn’t have a choice. It’s Roxy’s fault for being so sweet that the other two followed. Shortly after Sarabeth and Andy got married they moved to Louisville where we were at the time. With Roxy and a 3 month old Sydney, they got Pixie 1 month later. With being overseas, Sarabeth and Andy have been taking care of Roxy and Sydney for us, and so Pixie has never really been alone. They are great together. The “puppies” play and Roxy looks out for them and protects the family as well as any guard dog. And since I’m sure you will be hearing about them in the future, now you know them.

Dachshunds | Flats To Lofts

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  1. OH. MY. GOSH. LOVE THIS!!!!!! keeps the pics coming!!!

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