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Traveling Gnome


As I mentioned previously, I enjoy a good gnome. Not in a creepy, I-collect-lawn-ornaments-and-sit-in-furniture-in-my-front-yard sort of way, but more as a creative opportunity to add a little character to life.

We try to take our gnome with us when we are traveling some place new. This occasionally causes a few problems as no one on this side of the world is familiar with the Travelocity gnome. We were not allowed to take the gnome into the Taj Mahal, for example, because (1) if it was an idol, the Taj Mahal is Islamic, and so idols are not permitted, (2) if it wasn’t an idol, it must be a toy, and toys are not permitted, and (3) if it was neither an idol or a toy, it could be a bomb, and bombs are clearly not permitted.

Once on the train a man thought it must be an idol and so bowed down to it. That was certainly not what we were promoting, and so we now use a little more caution when bringing the gnome out in public.

Train Gnome

Our gnome has been to every country we have, with some pictures being better than others, as I’m still trying to grow in my photo taking abilities. I am always trying to think of creative ways to document and remember our travels. Most people won’t want to sit down and look through the 5000+ pictures I have taken over the past 2 years. I don’t want future children to cringe when we pull out the photo books and begin with “when mom and dad lived in ____ . . .” I do though want to feel as though we haven’t gone through this experience alone. I want our friends and families to be given glimpses into our life here, and so the gnome is one more way to do just that.

We want to create a book of all of the gnome’s travels around the world. As he has been everywhere we have, it will be an abbreviated way to document our travels with little anecdotes and memories thrown in that aren’t nearly as overwhelming for the listener as the 15 hour sideshow that is the other alternative. Some people have family homes that they grew up in with grandparents around the corner, that document the years past, present, and future for them. Our life is a little more transitory. We moved as kids and are moving now, and if my parents ever move, there won’t be literal walks down memory lane. What we do have is a gnome. And we hope he helps walk through the memories of life with us in a way that we can take with us no matter where life leads.

Scuba Gnome

scuba diving in the Maldives



5 thoughts on “Traveling Gnome

  1. What a great idea…I love it. I think the book of your travels with the gnome is a fantastic idea. It’s trendy and light hearted. Good luck!

  2. Its so funny because I was just talking to my husband about this very thing – he looked at me like i was crazy. I still want to do it

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