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Laundry 101

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Laundry soap is pretty important stuff. At least I think it is! I like my clothes to be clean and fresh. What I don’t like is how much it costs to actually purchase the stuff. Even the economical store brands aren’t really so economical.

So after reading what seemed like hundreds of articles and blogs discussing the merits of homemade laundry soap I decided to try some of my own. After some trial and error I have come up with a recipe that works for us. It cleans our clothes and dog blankets well, costs much less then what we had been using, doesn’t require fabric softener, and lasts for a couple of months.

What You Need:


1 cup borax

1 cup washing soda

1 bar fels-naptha soap

1 bar Ivory soap

½ cup oxi-clean (or the generic equivalent)

Note: You should be able to find these items in the laundry isle of a store like WalMart. Not all Target’s have the fels-naptha or washing soda, although they do carry borax. Although Public and Kroger usually do. If I’m feeling brave I will make a once yearly trip to WalMart to stock up on everything, which will cost about $20, but sometimes I will just pick up the borax, oxi-clean, and Ivory soaps from Target and they get the washing soda and fels-naptha at Kroger. Hopefully that helps and you don’t end up aimlessly wandering the isles.

To Make:

Grate both bars of soap with a fine cheese grater, add borax, washing soda, and oxi-clean. Mix to eliminate any clumps. Transfer to air tight container.


To Use:

Put about 1 tablespoon in the bottom of your washing machine and wash clothes as you usually would. I will sometimes add a bit of Clorox 2 or bleach depending on what I am washing, but this soap does a great job of keeping our stuff clean and fresh.


We have been using it for almost two years, and have not had any problems. It’s a great money saver and worth the twenty or so minutes I spend making it every few months.


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