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Vinegar Counter Spray

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Going along with Ruthanne’s vinegar trick from yesterday I thought I would share my version of a counter spray. We mainly use this in kitchen, but it also works for bathroom counter tops and we have cleaned our patio furniture and flower pots with it as well.

Simply mix one part water with one part vinegar in a spray bottle and add in one to two tablespoons of liquid dish soap, depending on the size of your bottle. Shake to mix and you’re ready to go. I also usually add a few drops of Tea Tree oil, because it smells good and is supposed to be antibacterial.


This is definitely cheaper than a traditional store bought counter cleaner and works just as well, without the chemical smell or fake lemon sent. Although, I’ve only used it on our laminate counters. Not sure how it would work on granite, or even if it would be advised.


To further save on cleaning costs, we recently purchased a couple sets of cheap white wash cloths from Target. For under $8 we now have 12 reusable cleaning towels that can be thrown in the wash with the towels and bleached if needed. They work better than paper towels, will last longer, and have already saved us money.


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