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Vinegar and Plumbing

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Since the US enjoyed the beginning of Daylight Savings yesterday, it officially feels like spring. And spring means Spring Cleaning. I personally have never participated in spring cleaning, but I do love the idea of doing a deep clean to get old musty winter out of the house and bring in citrus smelling cleaning products and flowers. So, in honor of those who do in fact do spring cleaning, or who simply need to clean (don’t we all!), this week we will be posting a different homemade cleaning item that not only works well, but keeps fewer chemicals in your house and more money in your pockets. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Today the secret ingredient is vinegar.

use-vinegar-to-clean-faucets{image credit}

When we moved into our new flat last Sunday we, and the flat were filthy. We have since bathed, but the flat is still being cleaned and could use a good old American spring cleaning! After a long day of moving, unpacking, and cleaning, I was looking forward to a shower. The trickle of water I had to work with left me dirty and angry, and calling Mom as soon as I got up the next morning. She told me to use vinegar.

Apparently, when sediments build up in pipes and faucets they become clogged. The solution? Soak them in vinegar for a few hours.  The worse the clog, the longer they need to soak. We soaked every faucet in the house!

The kitchen faucets seen below (I have no clue why there are 2!) and the bathroom faucets do not come off, and so I simply used sandwich size lunch bags with a little white vinegar in one corner and attached the baggies to the faucets with a rubber band. It worked perfectly! I let them soak for about 3 hours and the difference was immediately noticeable!

Vinegar Faucuet Cleaning | Flats To Lofts

For the shower head, more invasive action was needed. We removed it and set it down in a small bucket. We filled the shower head with vinegar and the poured more vinegar into the bucket to make sure that the holes in the shower head were completely submerged from all angles. We left it sitting there most of the day and the water pressure and cleanliness that followed that night were truly a blessing!

Vinegar Faucuet Cleaning | Flats To Lofts

I never had clogged faucets in the States, but I think even there it would be nice to soak the shower head during annual spring cleaning just to make sure that there is optimum water pressure throughout the year! If you have other cleaning uses for vinegar, I would love to hear them. Vinegar is cheap and I have yet to travel to a country where I haven’t been able to find it, so I’m always looking for better ways to utilize this little wonder. The only other thing I use it for is sweet and sour sauce which is to die for, so overall, I’m a pretty big vinegar fan!

{Forgive the horrible quality of the pictures. They were taken with the iPod and leave something to be desired!}


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