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Outdoor Closet Organization

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We have a small storage closet off the front porch that has been a mess since we moved in. It is tall and skinny, but without shelves everything just ends up in piles on the floor.


A few weeks ago Andrew found a paint can that had been knocked over and was leaking. Thankfully Clorox wipes clean up spilled paint! Obviously something needed to be done, so when I was at Lowe’s last week getting my free paint sample I also picked up one of these shelf units.


I put the shelf together Friday evening, and in about five minutes it went from this:


to this:


The organization process was relatively simple.

Step 1: Lock up the dachshunds with a baby gate (I like company when I organize and Andrew was out of town promoting his book.)


Step 2: Take everything out of the closet and contemplate painting the bare walls. Ultimately decide against this because of cold KY weather.

Step 3: Group like items and place on shelves. Paint & Supplies. Tools. Extension cords & light bulbs.

closet _after

Now we just need another shelf for the opposite wall. But even with just this one we shouldn’t have to worry about any more paint spills, and will be able to find light bulbs when we need them. I think that is pretty exciting!


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