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Moving Food and Gnomes

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Maybe it is our generation, having grown up on David the Gnome, or the fact that growing up we had this golfing gnome that we used as a door stop until Mom and Dad realized it was worth a lot of money, and it made it’s way to a more prominent place in the house. Whatever it is, I enjoy a good gnome. A few years into marriage, Evan bought me the large Travelocity gnome. Once we knew we were moving overseas, he got me a small, more travel friendly version to bring with us. Our gnome has traveled the world. We like to take pictures of the gnome whenever we go to a new place, and hope one day to turn it into a traveling gnome book for our kids.

The gnome, of course, had a debut while we were packing up the kitchen, and reminded me of one more Kitchen Packing Tip. (more on the gnome later)

Packing Gnome

You always have pantry items when you move. Either flour and sugar that are left over, or spices that are a mess to move and leave you feeling somewhat unsanitary by just placing them in a box and then using for dinner next week. We had just such a problem when packing for this move. Some of our spices are from the States and can’t be purchased here, and so I wanted a better way to pack these food items that in the States I would have been tempted to ditch in the chaos of late night packing. We placed all of our spices and other random pantry items in large, freezer size zip-lock bags. We then placed these bags into trash bags that we tied shut. These trash bags were then placed in the boxes. I figure this should keep any dirt and grim away from the food and spices, and leave me feeling much better about using them in the months ahead!

Kitchen Pantry Packing


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