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Updated Art (for Free)

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Yesterday Ruthanne was kind enough to send me a link to Lowe’s paint page showing that their paint sample pots were buy one get one free. I love painting, and I love free paint, so of course I was pretty excited to rush out during lunch and pick up a couple of paints.

I ended up with two eight ounce pots of Valspar paint for less then three dollars! Pretty good deal, don’t you think? I went with a green and a light grey – two colors that will work in pretty much any room in the loft.


I have an old canvass painting that needs to be redone. It is yellow and hung in my old bedroom at my parents house in Florida. I like it, but the color just doesn’t match anything in our house. So instead of storing it in the closet any longer I think I will just paint over it.


I’m not sure yet what I will paint or where this will end up – either our bedroom or bathroom (which is still completely bare after almost two years in the loft. Or maybe the guest/kid’s room or dinning room. And, actually I have four canvasses this size that need to be painted over.

I thought this piece might be fun over the bed in our room:


Or maybe something beach related for the bathroom. I like this parking lot sign:


But, I like this sign for the guest bathroom, which will one day be the kid’s bathroom:

beach words sign

What would you do? I like them all. Maybe I will do one of each…


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