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Moving Input

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Today the movers showed up to start packing. We don’t have much stuff, but they wanted to pack today and load the truck tomorrow. That works for me. I’ve never had anyone pack my house for me, and being a little ocd when it comes to things like packing and organization, while they worked on packing up the furniture, Evan and I handled the kitchen. And might I add, that for the first time in 2 years, I am thankful for nothing but plastic dishes! It makes packing the kitchen much less tedious!

Packing Abad

As this is our 4th whole house move, and our 8th move over the past two years on this side of the world, I am always looking to streamline the process! I stumbled upon a blog the other day (thanks to Pinterest) that had some tips for moving.  Some of the things seemed to be common sense to me, but maybe that’s because I not only move all the time, but Sarabeth and I grew up in a family that tended to move more than most. Nevertheless, if you aren’t as accustomed to moving, or simply have a move coming up that you are dreading anticipating, it is worth checking out. I’ve added a few ideas of my own below that might just help out in your future moves, and I hope to put into practice in mine.


1. DON’T PUT OFF CLEANING UNTIL PACKING DAY – I often say in the weeks leading up to a move, why bother cleaning out the frig or cabinet shelves now when I’ll just clean it once everything is packed? Well, future self, you don’t wait because packing rarely goes as smoothly as you would like, and no one wants to do a deep clean after packing for days!

2. PACK AHEAD OF TIME – Pack everything you can ahead of time. In American, this typically meant books for us. But, having been overseas, with this move it also meant clothes and household decor. If you know you won’t need it for the next few weeks, go ahead and pack it. The boxes might be a little ugly if you don’t have a closet or spare room to store them in, but anything you can do ahead of time will ease the stress when you finally hit crunch time and everything has to be packed tonight!

3. TRAVEL MEDICINE BAGS – Confession, I have way too much over the counter medication. Not that I over medicate, or even use it that often, but especially here where there isn’t a Walgreens or Target on every corner, or actually anywhere, there are a lot of toiletry items that we have in bulk simply because we can’t get them here. You never know when a headache or allergy attack might hit you, and you certainly don’t want to be caught off guard in the middle of packing, moving, or unpacking. The last thing you want to do it make a 20 minute run to Walgreens for something that you know you already own, but simply can’t find. The same goes for minor wounds that might occur when cutting into boxes and moving furniture. If you start bleeding, the last thing you want to do it get it all over your new carpet, or have to stop what you are doing to hold a paper towel to it for 10 minutes. This goes for any travel, but especially when moving. What I have are travel bags.
Medicine Bag

This is a picture of my “First Aid” bag that I take anytime we leave town, and have handy in the cabinet when we are at home. I just reused a small clutch that I got with a perfume purchase years ago. It has neosporin, liquid band-aid (which is important when the water is unsanitary, to keep living and other such things out of cuts when you wash your hands or shower!), band-aids, gauze, antibacterial towelettes, and that tape that you wrap around gauze (I clearly am not medically inclined, as I have no clue what that is called!). It has come in handy more than once, and is always at hand when needed.

The other bag that I have is my “Medicine” bag. I keep basic over the counter meds in it for allergies, some sort of pain reliever, and for me, motion sickness meds. These are just small bottles that I can take anywhere we go, and know that if I start feeling sick, I’ve got something on hand to take. These are great in all traveling, but create one less thing to worry about when moving. If they are on hand, you don’t ever have to go rummaging through boxes, making a mess, to find the 2 aspirin your head is streaming for! I use a small cloth bag that came with a contact solution purchase a few years back for this. TIP: if ever you have the option of getting a small travel bag with a purchase, get it! There are infinite uses for these little bags!

This is clearly not comprehensive, and I’m sure that over the next week I’ll come up with a lot of other things I wish I had done to make this move less hectic. But, these have helped so far, and hopefully, with each move, I’ll learn to do it a little more gracefully!


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  1. I love your tips and fun comments! Wish I was there for the fun!?

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