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Window Gardening

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It may still be February, but I am more than ready for Spring and Summer. I’m ready to put away the winter coats and gloves, and start gardening again. Living in a loft I have limited space and sunlight, but I try to maximize my space with a variety of pots and baskets.

In preparation for Spring planting I went to Lowe’s yesterday during my lunch break and bought several seed packets.


I got two varieties of basil. Andrew and I love it’s taste, and put it in pretty much everything all summer long. We have grown basil from seed and bought small plant, and had success with both, so if you don’t have room, or the patience to start your plants inside go ahead and buy a larger plant in a few weeks.

I also got several types of lettuce seeds. We love salads and I thought the different colors and leaf types would be a fun addition to the basket by our front door.

Since the seedlings will be growing in our living room windows for several weeks I skipped the starter kits and decided to make my own.

First I put about 1/2 inch of small pebbles in the bottom of a clear plastic cup.


Then I filled it up with potting soil I had leftover from a previous plant.


After that I simply planted my seeds according to the packet directions. I made three small holes in the dirt, added 1-3 seeds(thinking some may not sprout), and gently tapped the dirt back over the hole.


I labeled each cup with a piece of notebook paper and washi tape.


I think they look pretty good all lined up in the window. And, I will admit to checking them repeatedly for signs of growth (even though the packets say it will take 7-10 days for growth to be visible). What can I say? I’m excited and can’t wait to see my little plant babies.


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