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The ‘Guest’ Room

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Do you have a junk drawer? Because I don’t. We only have two drawers in our kitchen and they are filled with spoons, forks, knives, and whisks. I do however have a junk room. Which  is ridiculous I know. Until we bought the loft in 2011 Andrew and I had spent three years living in small one bedroom apartments. Then we suddenly had this huge (to us) two bedroom loft. And this is what happened:


It’s bad, I know. But, here is my defense. We moved in on a Sunday night, Monday morning we went back to work, and one week later we had family in town for Ruthanne’s graduation. They we finished unpacking boxes just in time for Ruthanne to move across the world. So we ended up with a bunch of her leftover things. I was sad to be without my sister, so I put off going through the room. Then it was finally cleaned months later. It was full of random furniture, but it was clean.

Then two weeks ago I decided to rearrange and move the bottom half of our dresser into the master bedroom. And, well, you’ve seen the result.


So, now what? Our goal is to make this room ready for kids. We have our first foster care training class this week and hope to have a child sometime this year. It’s exciting and stressful all at the same time. Our plan right now is to paint the bookcase (don’t tell my Grandpa!), purchase a white crib and probably find a twin bed on Craig’s List to paint as well. Then we will add in more color once we find out if we’re getting a boy or girl. Make sense?

We would love to have you join us as we embark on this cleaning frenzy and finally make this room usable. See some of our ideas on Pinterest. Hey, we may even be able to take down the baby gate we use to keep our three dachshunds out of the disaster area.

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