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Valentine’s Inspiration

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This year Valentine’s Day will be less than festively celebrated as tomorrow finds us in the midst of packing for yet another move. Monday brings the packers, and so we are trying to get everything in order and wrapped up as we say good-bye to another city and flat. Since moving has a way of trumping holiday decorating, here are some pins that I’ve found inspiring, and that I hope to be able to utilize in the years to come.

These flower vases bring an element of Valentine’s cheer along with the ability to transition easily into more general spring decor. I love holidays, and have always wished I had more decorations for holidays like Valentine’s Day. But, there is also only so much you can do with flying cupids and candy hearts. And as Sarabeth just messaged me saying, at this point in winter, most people are just ready for spring. I love the colors of this arrangement, that are festive without being tacky. I am also tempted to think that the pink bottle could be made by the “painting the inside of the bottle” technique I’ve seen elsewhere on Pinterest.

paper center piece

If I remember winter correctly, there is nothing better then curling up on the couch on a cool winter day and enjoying a hot drink of something. I’m not a big tea drinker, but think it is classy, and so am trying to force myself to become more refined and embrace tea. The cinnamon tea I found at the spice market today helped push more towards greater sophistication, and for Valentine’s Day what would go better than cinnamon tea in these adorable, hand sewn tea bags? If I were in America, I would surely find a friend, or sister, to give a cute Valentine’s gift of homemade cinnamon tea bags to! But alas, I’ll hold onto the tea for a few more weeks hoping that the weather forecast isn’t lying and it will indeed be 20 degrees cooler each day where we are headed. Such a cold front (with highs in the 80’s) might just require some tea.

valentine's tea bag

{pictures found here and here}


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