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A Valentine’s Day Garland


February is a fun month. I love all of the pink Valentine’s Day decorations, as well as my heart shaped birthday cake. But, decorating for this pink and red and frilly holiday can be a little bit tricky for me. I live in a modern loft and don’t want anything that looks too ‘country’. So, for the most part I just haven’t decorated at all.

But, I wanted to try something this year. My idea was to make a heart garland for the front door. Something like this:


So, off we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some scrapbook paper. I wanted a mix of colors and patterns. This is what we ended up with:


A couple of pinks, a green one that looks Indian, of course in honor of my sister’s current location, a black and white one for contrast, and Andrew’s pick – the solid red one. I never would have chosen this one, but it really complemented the others and I think it looks great in the finished garland.


I’m not great at making symmetrical heart shapes, so I simple drew half of a heart on a piece of folded scrap paper. Like this:


I repeated this four times so I would have a bit of variety, then simply cut the hearts out and traced them onto the back of the scrapbook paper.


Then it was just a matter of cutting out the hearts (I had about 5 of each) and creating the garland.


I wanted two rows to fill up more space on the door, so I laid out my pattern on the table. I didn’t take much time on this step as I didn’t want it to look to planned and formal. But I did try to have a mix of each design in each row of garland.


I have a sewing machine that I am still trying to master, and thought it would be fun to stitch my hearts together. Although you could also glue the hearts onto a piece of thin ribbon.


Using a fun zigzag stitch and white thread I tried my best to sew a straight line across each heart. I left about an inch between each one.


I used a couple pieces of washi tape to adhere them to the door. So far things are sticking, even with the freezing temperatures and snow we have had all weekend.


Half done.


After completing the second garland I attached it below the first and then used a couple of pieces of scotch tape on the backs of the hearts to keep them from blowing around and flipping upside down.


I like the look and for less than $8, including paper and the tape, and 30 minutes, it makes a great Valentine’s Day craft that will hopefully last all month.


I still have most of the scrapbook paper left, so I may make a couple of extra garlands for the house. It would be fun on a bookcase or mantle.


2 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Garland

  1. I’m loving these different prints! You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby’s Hearts Craft Challenge 🙂


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