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Myna Birds

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Myna Birds | Flats To Lofts

These cute little guys are called Myna birds. Or so I learned last night thanks to the never-failing to impress National Geographic App that provides daily pictures. We have had these cute little guys sitting on the balcony outside our window for the past 3 months, and I had been utterly unable to find out what kind of bird they were. Due to the less recent watching of “The Big Year,” it has become important for me to be able to identify cute little birds that I see flying around. We don’t have your typical blue jays and cardinals here. We long suspected that India had no birds to offer beyond the horribly disgusting crows and pigeons who lived in the walls of our first apartment and now nest outside of our kitchen. So, the addition of the myna birds, as well as 2 other species I have seen this weekend, has brought great joy.

Perhaps the best part of the myna is their song. They are incredibly vocal birds, so even when the “curtains” (airline blanket that Thai Air was gracious enough to “donate” to the cause) are drawn, I know they are there. Mom suggested that before parrots were popular myna birds were taught to talk, and may be similar to mockingbirds. I could believe it!

I’m just glad to finally know their name!


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